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Levi is an amazing coach and truly does an outstanding job in helping you hone the necessary skill sets to holistically understand our current political climate and hot topic issues. He is an expert when it comes to disseminating high level concepts using easy to digest palatable concepts. I had the pleasure of working with Levi in Washington DC and cannot say enough great things about how knowledgeable he is! After working with Levi I felt like I truly had gained so much insight and could easily partake in any political debate with confidence. I highly recommend working with Levi!!

- Sylvia Leszanczuk

Miss Galaxy 2015 (and Levi's Intern Buddy!) Founder and host of iTunes #1 Pageant Podcast

Very knowledgeable and approachable. Great feedback for anyone preparing for their first or 15th pageant. I have always had males and females in the judging panel. Levi offers his expertise and professional feedback to help you nail the pageant interview with your appearance, voice, and content. Highly recommended.

- Nancy L.

I encouraged Levi to start his current events coaching program because he has a solid background in politics and communications. Pageant contestants are often unsure about how to handle political questions onstage, and most coaches aren't qualified to train contestants to respond with intelligence and poise. I'm thrilled Levi is providing this service as I think it fills a great need in the pageant industry that he is the perfect person to provide. I look forward to referring my clients to him for help in this specialized area of current events training.

- Alycia Darby

Win A Pageant Founder and host of iTunes #1 Pageant Podcast

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Levi, Dartmouth College alum and political advisor to some of the top politicians and activists in the United States. I've worked in the executive branch (U.S. Department of Education) and legislative branch (U.S. Congress). I helped my state representative win a state senate seat in Pennsylvania, and I've advised Congressional and Senate campaigns from Texas to California!

I love you don't have to. 

As a pageant coach, I've realized that not everyone is as passionate about politics and current events as I am. Most pageant women don't have time to spend hours watching the news and learning all the world's current events. I get it, and that's why I want to help. 

I've developed a system for me to absorb all the political, controversial, and current events and boil them down into a digestible format for pageant girls, like you! So you can spend just 15 minutes a month quickly reviewing the high points. 

This is the sort of thing I used to do when I wrote speeches for my congressman. I'd have to boil down complex issues into a short piece of digestible content. I'd have to do the same thing with long legal cases for my Constitutional Law professor - we called it "Preparing a Brief" - and now, I'm doing it for you! 

We all know communication is key to winning your interview and changing the world. And it starts by being confident that you are prepared for literally ANYTHING the judges ask. 

Join my pageant brief today so you don't miss out. I'll keep you informed of everything! 

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